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At Southampton Web Design, a high percentage of our work is done for 3rd party agencies who don't have in-house development expertise and due to non-disclosure aggreements we are unable to list the larger clients that we have produced for. However, broadly speaking, these have included property companies, marketing and design agencies, estate agencies, manufacturing companies, various finanicial companies, telephony event systems in-directly for large financial institutions and a number of e-commerce solutions for various retailers.

Our private work, is generally for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and these customers by their nature tend to have modest budgets for their online requirements. Without the large overheads of the well established marketing and design agencies we are able to provide low cost solutions that appeal to business start-ups and the small established businesses wishing to go one step further.

Business Start-Ups/Starter Sites

Starter sites offered by Southampton Web Design are produced with simplicity in mind. Static pages represent your company, its services and contact details - the key information your customers require.

These sites form effective web adverts in addition to being far more cost-effective than equivalent paper advertisements in newspapers or business directories.

Take a look!Southampton Boat Transport 

The company were seeking a simple, effective site, one that ensured potential customers knew exactly what the organization had to offer, with relevant supporting imagery to bring its commercial activities to life.

The result: a highly-readable, search engine-friendly site, delivering new business leads on a daily basis through a Page 1 Google/Yahoo! ranking.

Web Makeovers

The Web Makeover is an ideal method for attracting new visitors to, and extracting new life from, a site that's been neglected for a while. Often as an upgrade from FREE Do-It-Yourself starter sites commonly offered as part of a web package site builder software.

This service is particularly effective when combined with a web-centred marketing promotion, informing an existing client database that new goods and/or services are on offer.

Take a look!SDT Drive Technology

Safi Drive Technology came to us running a fairly staid, lacklustre site, and asked us to re-engineer their online presence to bring existing visual elements up to date, with a new look expressing sophistication and forward thinking.

With a fully-revised layout, improved graphics and consistent navigation, the new site has greatly enhanced customers' perceptions of the company.

Advanced Solutions

Our Advanced Solutions deal in websites with more sophisticated functionality than can be provided by standard web pages. These can comprise visitors' memberships and dynamic content and/or merely constitute a more engaging visual experience.

Sentral Systems

Sentral is an independent manufacturing company that has built a solid reputation as a supplier of bespoke servers to the B2B market. They required a new website that they could manage and expand in-house. It features a bespoke database driven content management system (CMS), page caching with data porting module for extrapolating technical data. 


E-Commerce Web Solutions are increasingly becoming a sine qua non for high street retailers and those generally in the business of selling goods direct to the public. At SWD, we are expertly placed to help and advise on such projects.

The Art Barn

As a distributor of fine art prints this agency required an online presence that showcased local artists and their work. It features a bespoke database driven content management system (CMS) that allows for quick and easy remote artist uploads, Artist profiles and a product database attached to an e-commerce shopping cart that accepts online payment through SagePay.